Thursday, February 6, 2014

Paris and London Trip 2014 - part 2

 Our room in Grand Plaza Hotels and Apartments in Bayswater area. Cheap but cosy!
 St. Pancras Station

 We enjoyed our walk from Notting Hill Gate to Bayswater
 Souvenirs Shop
 London Eye
 Big Ben

 Opposite of Buckingham Palace

 It's pretty cold here babe!

Paris and London Trip 2014 - part 1

 View from the outside of Gare Du Nord, Paris. 
Hi, it's cold outside. 
 People were lining up for their turn to enter the Musee de Lourve.

 I am still single, standing here!

 An evening in Champs de Elysees
 A must come cafe here, Laduree
 Let's take a break and enjoy their macaroon and other pastries
Finally, I managed to get this!

School Holiday 2013

Hi peeps! It's been a while I didn't update my blog. So many things to do and I was a bit busy with my four little lovers during the school holidays. Kids enjoyed with their speech and drama class, baking and art class which were held since the school holidays started. And I, a mother/nurse/driver who always make myself available for their time, to send and fetch them back from their classes.